Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Spirit Week

evry year my school has spirit week. This week its from March 4 to 7. I will post a picture of each day.

Monday: Crazy Hair Day

My crazy hair at first

My mom used Colour Rox Hair Chox to make it crazier

Then she looped up some of the ponies to make it even crazier

This is how it looked from the front.  Not as crazy as from the back.

Tuesday: Jersey Day

For Jersey Day I wore my dad's Nipigon Elks jersey.  It was sponsored by my Nana and Papa's slashing company.  The kids on my hockey team said, "You traitor!" because I'm on the Rangers and the Elks beat us in the finals of a tournament.  So I changed into my pink Habs Girl jersey.

Wednesday:  Crazy Hat and/or Glasses Day

On Crazy Hat Day I wore this hat.  It's too small now but I used to wear it all the time.  My Auntie Mary Anne made it for me when I was little.

Thursday:  Pyjama and Gum Day

Everyone got to wear pyjamas and chew gum.  We got the gum from the Alzheimer's Society because we held a Walk for Memories at our school a few weeks ago.  We could also bring a blankie and a stuffie but I forgot.

Winter Carnival was also on this day because it was too cold in February when we were supposed to have it.  My team leader was Max.  My teammates were Sidney, Sammy, Triston, Cody, Alex and Carsyn.  I like being on teams with kids from different grades.  We always do this for special events.  Max kept making us line up in single-file from youngest to oldest.  This was annoying because it took too long.

I wore these pj's that I got on Christmas Eve.
Friday:  Sock Hop and Sundaes

Today we had a sock hop and had sundaes.  I don't have any pictures because I didn't have to wear anything special.  At a sock hop we played a bunch of songs.  One of them was Gangnam Style and we all danced to it.  When we got our sundaes we went back to class.

Spirit Week was fun.  My next post will be about my March Break trip to Duluth.

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