Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hockey Party

on Saturday March 2 I got to go sliding and skating with my hockey team and their families.  We started at the Sprucewood sliding hill and made our way to one of my teammate's house where we went skating.  The party was for the Novice and IP1 teams.  I am on Novice.  We are the Rangers but IP1s are Timbits.  Our hosts were Liam and Quinny.  Liam planned the whole party.

While I was sliding I had hot chocolate and got a ride up the hill behind a snowmobile.  Some people were in competitions for trophies with a chocolate bar in them.  The competitions were for:  most distance, first down the hill, and how far they landed past the jump.  Some of the grown-ups went sliding too.  Triston's mom even took the jump!

When we went back to Liam and Quinny's house there was a skating rink in their garage!  They have to walk across the ice to get into the main part of the garage and that's where you can get your skates on and off.  Liam and Quinny's dad is a trapper so there were some animal skins hanging in their garage.  On their skating rink we played some 3-on-3 hockey games.  My team won the mini tournament.  There was also a skills competition.  One thing they had to do was pull my dad across the ice in a sled.  I wish I had a picture of this. Triston won the skills competition.

There was a bonfire and my hair ended up smelling like smoke!  I had a hot dog cooked over the fire.  It was DELICIOUS!

Here are some pictures from the party:

Here's a sign that Liam made.

Way up at the top!

Way down at the bottom.

My dad is too big for the crazy carpet!

Riding up in the snowmobile.

Me skating on Liam and Quinny's rink.

Warming up for the 3-on-3 games.

Grown-ups enjoy the bonfire.

Cooking some wieners.
Good bye.  This was my hockey party.

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